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I've been exploring live visuals lately with a group of DJs and VJs in Boston under the name Thunderdome. It's very interactive and spontaneous work, which is different from my theater designs. Here are a few of my latest projects.

Thunderball Redux

Tdome Web 1 Tdome Web 2

At a recent show last spring, we revisited this idea with a more durable surface and three projectors mapped to the sphere to create a fully seamless effect.

New Year's Eve Thunderdome

TdomeBallWeb 1 TdomeBallWeb 2

Did I mention I don't like squares? That's a 5 1/2 foot weather balloon we floated in the middle of our club space. I then set up two projectors on opposing balconies and added circular masks in VDMX to cover the sphere. No image blending here unfortunately, but plenty adequate for this effect.

TdomeBallWeb 3 TdomeBallWeb 4

Halloween Thunderdome

Halloween Thunderdome VJ Set from Seághan McKay on Vimeo.

Halloween Thunderdome VJ Set End from Seághan McKay on Vimeo.