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Here are a few selections found in my shows.

Kurt Vonnegut’s “Make Up Your Mind” - Transition Animations

Kurt Vonnegut's "Make Up Your Mind" Transition Animations from Seághan McKay on Vimeo.

To accompany the dark comedy in this world premiere of a newly discovered Kurt Vonnegut play, I pulled from the author’s many artworks and doodles found in his novels. Using these sources, I created art that was then printed, hand-cut, and animated in a stop-motion style. These animations were then incorporated into the production as interstitial episodes.

Director: Cliff Fannin Baker
Scenic Design: Eric Levenson
Lighting Design: Karen Perlow
Projection Design: Seághan McKay
Sound Design: David Remedios
Animator: Johnathan Carr

Merrily We Roll Along - Demo Transitions

Merrily We Roll Along Demo Cut from Seághan McKay on Vimeo.

In addition to scenographic backgrounds, this production called for seven transitions which need to express the passage of time. In this unique show events are shown in reverse order, further necessitating the need to identify the years in which they take place. All projections were presented on a 12’ diameter disc which travelled left and right, up and down across the set. Animations were tracked across the raster to follow the position of the disc. For an extended cut of all of the transitions, click HERE.

Director: Paul Daigneault
Scenic Design: Eric Levenson
Costume Design: Charles Schoonmaker
Lighting Design: Dan Jentzen
Projection Design: Seághan McKay

Light Up The Sky - Transition

In the first act of Light Up The Sky at the Paramount Theater for Emerson Stage, I used projections to subtly enhance the painted cloud mural hung upstage. This transition takes us from the first act in to the second act, several hours later in the play. Numerous archival sources were used to generate the content here. Our goal was to pay homage to the Colonial Theater in Boston, where the play takes place in 1948. The wallpaper pattern is a sample from the Colonial and serves as the basis of our backdrop for this act.

Director: Melia Bensussen
Associate Director: Benny Ambush
Scenic Design: Tom Jozwick
Costume Design: Rafael Jaen
Lighting Design: Scott Pinkney
Projection Design: Seághan McKay
Sound Design: Adam Howarth

As You Like It - Transition from Court to Forest

IMG_5559 IMG_5549

I was unable to videotape this performance, so I re-composited my original Watchout sequence in After Effects to create this demo. The imagery projected onto the three screens takes the viewer from the Duke's court into the wintry forest.
Sound Design by J Jumbelic

Excerpts from Hecuba

For this show I used Dataton Watchout to create a multi-layered abstract digital backdrop which could reflect on the emotion of the play while also providing a scenographic background.

Director: Eric Hill
Scenic Design: Emily Nichols
Costume Design: Charles Schoonmaker
Lighting Design: Ben Williams
Projection Design: Seághan McKay
Sound Design: J Jumbelic
Original Compositions: David Rakowski